Wednesday, August 14, 2013

eBook Sample

A couple of readers on Twitter and here on the blog rightly suggested that a bit of a preview of the eBook might be useful for people to see if it's something they'd be interested in. With that in mind, here are a couple of screenshots of the kind of analysis you'll find in the eBook:

100 player profiles including expected goals, assists and points total from prior year (based on underlying data and regression). Includes a 'buy', 'consider', 'monitor' and 'avoid' status (Coutinho here is shown as a player to consider but one who carries at least one question mark:

SImple data tells us how many games everyone played, but why did they miss the other games? The below chart provided for each defense shows which players were rotated by choice and which played whenever they were healthy:

Forecast starting lineups for all 20 teams:

Distribution of expected goals and assists by team:

I hope these screenshots whet the collective appetite a bit, and if so, head over to Lulu and grab the whole book before Saturday's GW1 deadline!


2ndMan said...

Excellent, thanks for posting these. Will definitely be buying now, looks like a great resource.

grahamj said...

Hi mate. A little bit of feedback on your excellent ebook:

Seems a bit weird that you basically ignore Lukaku.

There were quite a few spelling/wrong word errors but who cares? Just thought you should know.

I would have liked to see a bit more information about structuring a squad. How much to spend in each position, how many elite players to grab etc. etc.

It said quite a lot about how a player might/could be good a idea depending on price..but then displayed their price right next to them. I suppose you may have written some of the info before the prices were released?

IF ANYONE IS READING THIS AND IS EVEN SLIGHTLY PUT OFF ABOUT BUYING THE BOOK - JUST DO IT! It is very, very helpful, interesting and extremely cheap!

Chris Glover said...

2ndman - Thanks!

Grahamj - thanks for the comments. In all honesty, the final editing process was WAY too short and I've noticed a few errors too having browed it today. Simpy, with the wedding and work stuff I ran out of time to check it line by line and still get it out to be useful before the season kicks. That's not really an excuse when I'm charging people money, but I hope it was generally still useful despite the errors.

The price thing was tricky as they're released so close to the start of the year. If I do it again next year, instead of going team by team I'll do everything retrospective first (which can basically be done all summer) and then only touch transfers and players once the player list is released. That'll still leave a big time crunch, though at least I won't also be getting married!

You also nailed one of the articles I hoped to write (how to spend money) but ran out of time. For what it's worth, I'll do something to that effect when I'm back for those looking to wildcard early, but I defo agree it would have been useful now.

Thanks for the feedback

Zsolt said...

If someone today so Thursday need a fast immediate overview about the actual team situations that which player is expected where to play including the new arrivals, the starting lineup forecast tables are great idea visually. With that a safe base team can be set up in a day.

The book is very detailed for nothing price, as it is good reference to the whole season. Anyway after some time, it will be a very interesting experience to compare the forecasts to the real happenings

Ste said...

Ace book, Chris. I bought and love it. Recommended.


x00x said...

any regular reader of this blog knows that this is a must buy. better analysis than anywhere for a fraction of the price.

Chris Glover said...

Thanks for the kindness, you guys. I'm genuinely overwhelmed that (a) anyone bought it and (b) seem to like it. As I was writing I was contemplating what happens when I sell 2 copies which both mysteriously get traced to either my wife or Dad!

2ndMan said...

Just purchased and had a flick through, looks like a brilliant resource, even just to check the stats and your opinion on who I've got in my team. Looking to WC in GW3 so I'm here I'llg et heavy use out of it around then.

Jason said...

Hey Chris,

Just bought the book, working my way through it for some validation of my choices!

Looking forward to a good thorough read over the weekend, for now just wanted to say it looks great. Very professional presentation and layout of information which could have been overwhelming. Instead it's clear, concise and informative.

I tip my hat to you sir!


Horror Warehouse said...

Looks like a good resource. I will have to check this out.

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