Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gameweek 12 Preview Data


Tony S said...

Hi Chris,
You mention in one of your replies last week that Swansea are conceding a lot of SIB which made me reassess weither they are a good defensive outfit and sure enough they conceded 3 goals at the weekend.
So is there any chance of an early season assessment of team defenses?
I know you like to leave it until half way throught the season (so that every team has played the same sides) but it seems as if every FF team consists of
Mignolet/Boruc --- Dawson/Southampton/Coleman
but with fixtures turning against them until the winter WC (except Liverpool) is it worth considering a differential defense? Maybe Stoke/Newc/WBA?
Or will the template teams most likely continue to score well?

Any article about defenses would be greatly appreciated :)

2ndMan said...

I'd love to see something on defences as well. There's definitely a swing in fixtures, coupled with fixture congestion there is a recipe for some headaches until January.

Padraig Marley said...
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