Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gameweek 14 Preview


scortongardy said...

I like your posts most of the time Chris, but sometimes it would be nice to see your verbal descriptions and thoughts on players like you used to do. Not just stats all the time.

CDI said...

I think the reason he just posts stats these days and not full write ups is due to just being married and not having alot of free time. I love the fact that he still takes the time to do this much as its such a big help to me each week. On FFS you can get alot of opinion based on little to no imperical evidence. Least I can count on Chris to deliever the stats to balance that out.

fmbusinesszone said...

it use full for me

thank you

Albon said...

know about #viagaraspam

dijanaexponto said...

i really miss "hold-monitor-buy" type of articles :(