Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hello again, old friends

I hope that the old adage about absence and fondness holds true and anyone reading this will still have some time for this little blog in this obscure corner of the internet. I took last season off from fantasy football - basically all football in fact - and now I'm back, armed with a pile of Opta stats and an online subscription to access all the live and archived footage anyone would wish to ingest.

Since I last wrote on these pages I've changed careers and I am delighted to be expecting twins in a few weeks. These two factors have come together to shape the direction of the blog for the upcoming season. I am now working in the international development sector and one of the lessons I have learned so far is around comparative advantage - no one is best placed to do everything on their own. Thus I am not going to try and do everything on this site. I am not really going to cover injuries, suspensions or even expected playing time as many other sites are better at this and have greater resources to do a better job than I ever could (simply not being able to leave Sky Sports News on for 6 hours a day is a big disadvantage!). The expected arrivals next month will also mean that regular, weekly posts might be more tricky to deliver on a firm schedule.

So, I am going to focus on creating usable statistics and particularly data visualizations that I hope can help folks select their team and maximize their transfer budgets while providing some counterpoints to the general stampede to judgement that generally occurs every Saturday afternoon. I still hope to write pieces too, but these will be more focused on particular points of interest, rather than a weekly roundup.

The first thing added to the site today is the new Team Snapshot page, which is currently loaded with data from last season. This will of course be migrated over the new season after a couple of gameweeks, but for now I hope it will be useful when reminding yourself about how teams performed last season and where there is potential for them to regress.

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Jason said...

Great to see you back Chris and congratulations on the expected arrivals. Looking forward to reading your perspectives over the coming season.