Saturday, October 7, 2017

Wilcard resources

As we sit in the middle of another dull international week, many managers will be tempted to play (or have already played) that wildcard chip.

With that in mind, I wanted to link to a few resources that I have posted over the past few weeks that might be useful

Overall player projection - projected points for the next 12 gameweeks

Player share of key stats - the percentage of their team's SiB and CC that each player has accounted for

Points vs Expected Points - a quick way to highlight players who have underperformed their underlying stats to date and could see increased fortunes in the future with improved conversion rates.

Performance vs prior season - see how players have performed in this season's fixtures compared to the same fixture last season

Team snapshot and projection - which teams are performing best and who do you need to secure coverage for?

Defender selector - which defender gives the best combination of value and attacking threat within each team?

Differentiators - whose ownership numbers remain surprisingly low?


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